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This is because our wifi has an access page that automatically opens up on computers, asking to accept our terms and enter a code.

WVHotSpot.net does not support this but this is what Microsoft tells there users to do.....

If you are on the newest dashboard, follow these steps:

Log on to the network with your laptop and authenticate to the network.
Once you have full network access run an "ipconfig /all" in command prompt, and make note of your MAC address.
The X360 has the ability to add an additional MAC address to the network interface.

If you set it to whatever your computer MAC is, then it should authenticate the X360 as well.

Go to My Xbox,
scroll all the way to the right,
click on System Settings,
Scroll down to Network Settings and click on it, click on wireless network(if that is the network that you are using), click on Configure Network, scroll to the right to Additional Settings, Scroll down once to the Advanced Settings Host name and Alternate MAC Address and press A, click on Alternate MAC Address, and enter the MAC address that you want.

Microsoft Tech Support 1-800-4MY-XBOX
XBox Setup Instructions
Sorry We Do Not White Label Devices